3 Ways to Support a Friend Who's Lost a Pet

Losing a pet is one of the most underestimated pains in the world. It can devastate an individual or a family, and yet there just isn't much support available to grieving pet owners. You can be a great friend by supporting your friend when they lose a pet, helping them get through this difficult challenge and remember their beloved friend. Read on for 3 ways to support a friend who's lost a pet.


Listen to Their Grief
One of the hardest parts of losing a pet is not feeling like you have anyone to talk to about your pain. Some people can be judgmental or dismissive of the grief pet owners experience, and this damages their ability and willingness to open up to others. Some people just feel uncomfortable talking about their feelings in general. Reassure your friend that you are available to listen if they need to vent - whether it's reliving fond memories of their beloved pooch or just listening to them vent about how hard it was to come home to a quiet house this week.

Help Out Around The House
Depression is real, and when your friend lost their pet, they lost a beloved member of their family. If you are a close friend, find ways to help out with basic chores and household errands as these often slip when people are depressed. Ask if you can help take care of the kids or do the dishes; you'd be surprised how much it can help someone feel better just to have a couple helping hands to lighten the load. Not as close? Offer to bring takeout for dinner or just show up with some easy-to-prepare groceries and favorite snacks. Don't assume they'd like you to come in; you may even want to ding dong ditch to give them an anonymous surprise.

Give a Pet Remembrance Gift
Whether you choose to do it anonymously or in person, giving your friend a pet remembrance gift is an excellent way to show them you care about them. Many grieving pet owners build memorial shrines in their homes to temporarily or permanently remember their lost pet. You can help them remember with a unique gift like our angel dog statue. 

Regardless of how you choose to show your support for a friend who's lost a pet, it's the thought that counts. Do your best to be sensitive, and they will recognize that you care.

Give a Pet Remembrance Gift

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